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ANNIVERSARY:September 27th
HOW YOU MET (detailed):i went to a concert with a friend of mine ( who he liked at the time ) and i ended up needing a ride home before it was over. so he drove me an hour to my house, after that we became like best friends and hung out all the time and started dating like 5 months later.
WHAT YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT THEM: i love that he loves me. he always makes time to tell me how much he cares about me. i love how he is always trying to take care of me.
ANY OTHER INFO YOU MIGHT WANT TO SHARE: a lot of people knock us because of the age diffrence, but we love eachother.
HOW I CAN IMPROVE THIS COMMUNITY (be honest): i have no idea. i have just joined!

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AGE:17 1/2
ANNIVERSARY:like jan 25 or something.. I know i should know..i'm really not sure y I don't know.. lol
HOW YOU MET (detailed): We met on-line kind of in yahoo pool - and at first we were just friends- playing pool and saying how r u and stuff; simple conversation.. but then it formed into a relationship... and then into something deep... serious... love.
WHAT YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT THEM: I love his personality.. and his honesty- he's very straight forward about his feeling about everything..i like that very much.OO and I like his laugh lol
ANY OTHER INFO YOU MIGHT WANT TO SHARE: Once we talked for 8 1/2 hours straight.. just getting to know each other...uumm and because this is a long distance relationship... it's really.. I mean really hard... All I want to do is be with him.. we don't even have to be doing anything. just to be in his presents is enough for me... and today he said to me "I love u so much...u prob don't know how much..."
HOW I CAN IMPROVE THIS COMMUNITY (be honest): i'm not sure.. I like it so far.. so at the moment..nothing
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I am sick

:cough cough:: ::sneeze sneeze::

For the first time in years I am sick. Its probably because I sleep with my head right next to the Air COnditioner all night. Oh well I would rather be sick for a few days then sweating hot all night. I felt the cold coming on Saturday night, the sore throat came about then I was coughing all night. Later on Sunday morning I started getting a worse sore throat and I felt sick to my stomach so I called Brent and asked him to pick me up some medicine on his way home from work. I gotted Sudafed. I had to laugh at some of the warnings on the back of the box, like one of them was something about if you are drinking alcohol be cautious of how many pills you take. Who is getting drunk while they are sick? That would make me want to puke more! I survived yesterday. Today I wasn't worse, but not better, I did get a little higher fever though. I hope I am better soon, I can't delay job searching much longer! I need a job dammit! Well I am not going to get into that, you know my problem with that subject! I will just end now :) Today Brent wanted to saty home from work to take care of me while I was sick, I am still sick :-p I wouldn't let him though, we need the money, and I can handle myself, he did a good job of taking care of me yesterday, making me soup and whatnot :)

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NAME: Nicole
AGE: 19
HOW YOU MET (detailed): I was at a friends house and her and her boyfriend were trying to match me up with her boyfriends brother who I was not interested in whatsoever. He and his best friend walked in the door, I didn't know who they were and didn't pay much attention to them. All night he'd be winking at me or simply saying hi or something cute like that. He took me and my friend for a ride in his car back to his house. But then I had to leave. I already by then started to like him even though I didn't talk much. Over the following few weeks, I'd see him once ever 7 days. I always would get sick to my stomach when I'd go over there, I would be nervous. Finally I realized it was because of him, he was always there when I'd go. One problem, he had a girlfriend. The night that I realized I got sick because I was nervous around him, I became more and more sick that night. (Sorry the grammar in this isn't so smooth, I'll edit it later.) He was going to go home but it was so late and I was sick and I asked him to please stay. This was all in January mind you. So he stayed and he tried to make me feel better till I fell asleep. The next morning, before when we were out at our cars leaving, he gave me my first kiss. Yes, at 19, I hadn't been kissed yet, I am a very reserved girl. So After that I just fell for him, but it still hurt that he had a girlfriend and it tore me up inside. His friends were mad at me because of it and it made me feel like a relationship-wrecker if you will. So the following weekend, he showed up at a little gettogether I set up at this friends house to watch Napoleon Dynamite and hang out and he brought his girlfriend. So me and my best friend went upstairs to get away from everyone because I was starting to feel nervously sick (since he had just got there) and then a few guys came upstairs into the room with us, they were all talking and I was sitting there with her thinking and then he came up and I started crying. So they all left and me and my best friend sat there and It hurt so bad that I had my first kiss with this guy that I was having feelings for and I couldn't be with. Then when I calmed down, the guys came back and everything was okay for that night again, I left around 4 am and went home feeling miserable. Then next day I woke and and chatted with some of the people who were still there and found out that while he was gone for a dort while, his girlfriend at that time had cheated on him with another girl. Me and him started talking after that that night and I finally told him everythign about how it hurt that I couldn't have him and he said who said you couldn't have me? And I was all.. Well you have her, and he said that may not be for long. A week later I went to the friends house again to hang out with him and the friend and her boyfriend and he came and he seemed a little upset, he had just broken up with her I found out. Then later he asked me I'f I'd be with him. Of course I said yes and we've been together since, very happy, never fighting and basically everythign is great with him. (sorry for any typos)
WHAT YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT THEM: He's so happy and never lets anything get him down. He tries very hard to keep me happy and I know that.
ANY OTHER INFO YOU MIGHT WANT TO SHARE: He's my longest boyfriend, all other boyfriends had lasted 3 days tops and then I'd dump them because I already knew I wasnt that interested. I am very reserved, he loves that about me. He was my first everything and I intend for him to be my last as well.
HOW I CAN IMPROVE THIS COMMUNITY (be honest): I'm not really sure because I JUST joined and I don't know what really goes on yet, but I can always give some good input, I'm pretty level-headed and can put myself in other peoples shoes. Other than that, more will come to me later as I experience this community more.

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NAME: Leondra
AGE: 26
HOW LONG YOU HAVE BEEN TOGETHER: 6 years together 5 years married
HOW YOU MET (detailed): Co-workers at Shea Stadium
WHAT YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT THEM: His passion for cars/speed/his eyes/ mostly the fact how his children are his world
ANY OTHER INFO YOU MIGHT WANT TO SHARE: 4 sons, expecting a new baby 1-14-06, lost 4 children due to miscarriage
HOW I CAN IMPROVE THIS COMMUNITY (be honest): Well I just joined, so I won't/can't offer improvement suggestions on said sight