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I am sick - I LOVE YOU MORE!!!

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August 16th, 2005

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02:01 pm - I am sick
:cough cough:: ::sneeze sneeze::

For the first time in years I am sick. Its probably because I sleep with my head right next to the Air COnditioner all night. Oh well I would rather be sick for a few days then sweating hot all night. I felt the cold coming on Saturday night, the sore throat came about then I was coughing all night. Later on Sunday morning I started getting a worse sore throat and I felt sick to my stomach so I called Brent and asked him to pick me up some medicine on his way home from work. I gotted Sudafed. I had to laugh at some of the warnings on the back of the box, like one of them was something about if you are drinking alcohol be cautious of how many pills you take. Who is getting drunk while they are sick? That would make me want to puke more! I survived yesterday. Today I wasn't worse, but not better, I did get a little higher fever though. I hope I am better soon, I can't delay job searching much longer! I need a job dammit! Well I am not going to get into that, you know my problem with that subject! I will just end now :) Today Brent wanted to saty home from work to take care of me while I was sick, I am still sick :-p I wouldn't let him though, we need the money, and I can handle myself, he did a good job of taking care of me yesterday, making me soup and whatnot :)

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