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New member!! - I LOVE YOU MORE!!!

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August 11th, 2005

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02:12 pm - New member!!

Anyways, I am 19 years old, and my names Heather. My boyfriends also 19 and his name is Brent. I am originally from Minnesota but moved to Illinois a month ago to live with Brent. We started talking online about 6 months ago, we met on a website for RedVsBlue (geek stuff)  then about 2 months after we met Brent said the 'L' word and after that we met finally in person and we decided to start dating and now we have been together 4 months. When I tried posting in sites like this during our first few weeks of dating they all laughed at me or denied me being there because we were to new and didnt know what we were doing yet, and we were still in the "Honey moon stage" Oddly we still act exactly the same as we did back then, we are still madly in love and are in fact talking about getting married sooner than later. I dont know if I missed any details you wanted to hear, if I did ask!

here we are:


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